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Take a break from the world of mass production with The Desert Gypsy.

Generations of Mexican artisans continue to perfect the skills of their ancestors by creating breathtaking pieces of "artesania" or folk art. From humble beginnings come textiles, pottery, jewelry, and more. Wander through Mexico with The Desert Gypsy as we seek out the very best of these artists and their work. We strive to buy all of our pieces directly from the artisan families whom we often find in rural homes with few modern conveniences. The Desert Gypsy takes pride in finding and bringing to you these finely crafted pieces. Peruse our website and shop our online store.  Discover the beauty of  Mexican "artesania" and perhaps pick a piece for yourself.

"Wonderful collection of Mexican folk art, the pieces come alive!"
Indigo L.

"Beautiful art, decor, furniture and clothing. My favorite shop in El Paso! The women who run the store are 
Rachelle K.

"Apoyen a nuestros artesanos indigenas! Esta tienda llega hasta las manos que hacen estas piezas maravillosas y el trato es directo con el artista! Gracias por apoyar a nuestra gente!"
Cristina R.

"The Desert Gypsy has a great selection of Mexican folk art. The staff is really helpful and informative. A real gem!
Alfred R.

Meet the owner


To live is to thrive not simply survive.

As a child, my family spent summers exploring colonial villages of Mexico. I fell in love with the people, the richness of the culture, the music, and the architecture.  I developed a special fondness for the handcrafted art of Mexico and the artisans who created it. I began collecting pieces for my home. Visitors would often comment on my decor and want to know where I found these unique pieces. That is when the idea of The Desert Gypsy was born.

From my home near Guadalajara, I am able to travel to travel through Mexico and seek out the artists and their crafts. Each piece truly is hand-selected. I try to always buy directly from the artisan ensuring that a fair price is paid. I love being able to their story, how they are made, and about the families who make them.

Our mission at The Desert Gypsy is to support these artisans and the deep cultural knowledge of Mexican artisans by bringing these fine handcrafted items to you.

~ Dianna