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The Desert Gypsy has a beautiful brick and mortar location in El Paso, Texas.  We  have a great variety of all the items that we carry in our online store plus much more. These include furniture, lighting, catrinas, religious items, art, glassware, and pottery. If you're in the area, stop in and say hello!



At The Desert Gypsy we carry a variety of Mexican furniture including rustic hand-painted, hand crafted hardwoods, embellished old wood pieces such as doors and cabinets, and equipal or typical pigskin pieces. Many of our furniture pieces are adorned with leather, wrought iron, or copper. Along with our in-store stock, we can also take custom orders and help with design.


three blue glasses

Our in-store stock of handblown glassware includes wine glasses, pottery sets, shot glasses, martini glasses and more. Each piece is completely unique made by the centuries-old mouth blowing method. The designs include details such as swirls, air bubbles, and more. These pieces can also be custom ordered to make perfect your wedding or other celebration.


three blue glasses

We have a gorgeous selection of paintings in the store to chose from  These include original oil paintings from some of the best artists in Mexico as well as gorgeous giclées that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of an original. We often feature up and coming new artists to help them get their start at selling their pieces.


Artisan Mexican pottery

Mexico is famous for their talented potters! Our selection of pottery includes pieces from all over Mexico, including a large selection of Talavera from both Guanajuato and the more elaborate pieces from Puebla.


Lighting Fixtures

At The Desert Gypsy, you can choose from a great collection of unique lighting. We have basket lights, tin star lighting, handblown glass lights and more.


Male Catrina

"Catrinas" are truly some of the most beloved of all art forms found in Mexico. These charming sculptures are made of clay, ceramic, metal, or paper and depict the all walks of life. These have become associated with the beautiful Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead.  


Loteria Game

The Desert Gypsy has a great assortment of "Loteria" folk art.  This popular game has given Mexican artists the inspiration to recreate its charming pictures into retablos, handprinted tiles, and more.  

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